There Is Hope In Front of Us

This week, the Enemy has done just what he has come to do – to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10 a).  I have heard the stories…the stories from my friends and people I know who have suffered from destruction, death, and loss.

As I heard these stories, I couldn’t help but think of the Danny Gokey song, Hope In Front of Me.  I know people who are walking through darkness, brokenness and pain.  Maybe it’s been that kind of week for you too?  Have you been “running through rain that you thought would never end”?  Have you “seen the dark and broken places”?  I’ve been there myself a time or two.

But there is Good News – there is hope in front of me.  And there’s hope in front of you.


hope in front of me


Because this week is also the first week of Advent – the week of Prophecy and Hope – and John 10:10 begins by describing the purposes of the Enemy, but it ends by telling us what Jesus came to do – to offer us life…life to the full.  And each night as my family has gathered around the Advent wreath to light the candle of Hope, we have recited Psalm 33:20 as a reminder of what we hope for and who our hope is in.  Jesus entered this world once to set us free from death and sin and he will come again to make all things right.  He is our Hope, He is our Help, He is our Shield.  And until He comes again in victory, we wait – we wait in hope for the Lord.


wait in hope


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