When A Picture Isn’t Just A Picture and the All-New Joy Complete

This photo…it was my son’s idea. It was captured beautifully by my talented friend, Ashley.

Photo Credit: Ashley Bacon Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If this picture could speak, it would tell the story behind that word, “believe”. It would tell you how God gave me that word last year to teach me what to believe about Him and who He is. And this year, God showed me how to live out my belief in Him.

This year was so incredibly difficult for me – full of pain and loss and grief. Yet, it was also the most glorious – full of God’s presence and healing and unfailing faithfulness.  I never could have known what His name for this place, Joy Complete, would come to mean to me.  Nor could I have imagined that I would find myself on a much narrower road less traveled…

Yes, this picture is worth a thousand words and more.  It tells a story – my story. A story I have been asked to share with you.  Join me this January for the re-launch of Joy Complete, encouragement for the road less traveled.