The Great Submission Transition

I grew up in a family of three – my mother, my brother, and myself.  Life and circumstances made us a very tightly woven little trio.  My mother was a single mom superhero as she worked full-time and raised two children.  She had a way of making the smallest of things special. I have so many happy memories of holidays,  traditions,  and tender moments we shared together.Submission

As I grew older, I began to realize how much my mother had sacrificed for my brother and me. The more I realized her sacrifice, the more devoted to her I became.  As I entered my late teens, there were moments of thick tension in our home as my mother and I both struggled between holding on and letting go.  It was natural for us to experience that sort of tension – I think most teens and parents do.  But this tension continued  into my adulthood.

I wonder if maybe you can relate to what I’m talking about today over at Faith Reboot- with Brittney?  Perhaps you’ve struggled with this same tension of holding on and letting go?   Maybe you’ve experience it or are experiencing it as a parent or as an adult child?  God spoke to me about this tension.  Join me over at Faith Reboot- with Brittney to read more.